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About Demetris and Cher Williams

Demetris and Cher Williams met at Lindenwood College (University) in 1997 and soon married in 1999. They operate a not for profit counseling agency named Christian Psychological and Family Services located in Olivette Missouri. Demetris and Cher have a passion for marriage and are confident in knowing that they are operating in their purpose. Their purpose is to assist in growing healthy marriages and helping to restore conflicted and hurting marriages.
Demetris Williams is a licensed minister and relationship life coach. He obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Human Service Agency Management. Cher Williams is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Gottman Certified Couples therapist. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and her Master’s in Education in Clinical Counseling from University Of Missouri-St.Louis.
Demetris and Cher have also lead and facilitated an 8 week marriage enrichment class called Dynamic Marriage since 2010. They also travel the country leading a 3 day intensive weekend workshop for couples that are in crisis called A New Beginning. Demetris and Cher loves to conduct marriage retreats, workshops and galas throughout the year.

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